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Massif & Kroo (M&K) is an integrated multi-media firm designed to recognize, nurture, and maximize the creative journey of our clients. Our full-service firm, with five distinct but interconnected operating businesses, is dedicated to empowering people, brands, and companies with important messages to share.

We go beyond the what—nuance matters. We meticulously consider your message’s ‘how,’ ‘what,’ ‘why,’ ‘when,’ and ‘where’ to ensure that it resonates loud and clear.

Our Mission

Empowering Voices, Building Brands, Shaping Cultures.

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Capturing The Creative Journey

Stush Talent Management & Agency

How We Define It:

At Stush Talent Management & Agency, we champion the refined elegance and sophisticated confidence that defines the "stush" ethos.

Our commitment is to elevate your unique talents, ensuring your personal style and artistic expression are evident in your brand, setting trends, and exuding exclusive, discerning taste. Together, we’ll transform your creative journey into a beacon of classiness, stylishness, and unparalleled excellence.

Our Inspiration—What Does It Mean To Be 'Stush':

Embodying a refined elegance and sophisticated confidence, "stush" describes individuals or entities with an exclusive and discerning taste, particularly in personal style and artistic expression.

The ‘Stush’ Effect—This is What People Will Say About You:

Elegant, Chic, Sophisticated, Refined, Classy, Distinguished, Suave, Polished, Exclusive, Trendsetting, Cultured, Swanky, Debonair, Voguish, Prestigious.

What we do, in a nutshell:

  • Talent Management & Representation
  • Brand & Strategic Partnerships
  • Marketing, Promotion & Public Relations Strategies
  • Industry Networking & Opportunity Development

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Massif Studio & Production

How We Define It:

From French, "Massif" signifies a group of mountains formed by tectonic forces, embodying massiveness and interconnected strength. Massif Studio and Production channels this monumental power into elevating brands within the dynamic media landscape.

Specializing in Digital Development, E-commerce Solutions, Content Creation, Multimedia Production & Animation, and Strategic Brand Marketing, our mission transcends mere participation in the media landscape; we aim to set the pace, ensuring your content not only competes but leads. By harnessing our deep understanding of the media's dynamic shifts, we extend your message's reach, crafting a legacy of excellence that is unmatched.

Our Inspiration—What Does It Mean to Be 'Massif':

Derived from the French term for "massive," a massif signifies a collection of peaks shaped by the earth's tectonic shifts. This term mirrors multimedia content's multifaceted and dynamic realm, where distinctiveness and impact are paramount. In today's digital expanse, being a massif means commanding attention across various formats—digital, audio, video, and print—to emerge prominently in a crowded landscape.

The ‘Massif’ Effect—This is What People Will Say About Your Content:

Engaging, Innovative, Impactful, Creative, Memorable, Influential, Exceptional, Visionary, Inspiring, Dynamic.

What we do, in a nutshell:

  • Digital Development (Web & Mobile) & E-commerce Solutions
  • Content Creation, Technical, Creative, Research, Reports, & Editorial Services
  • Multimedia Production & Animation (Audio, Video, Print)
  • Strategic Brand Marketing Communication & Audience Engagement

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Tallawah Group

How We Define It:

In today’s content-saturated market, the key to standing out lies in creating quality content and sharing it effectively and strategically.

The Tallawah Group harnesses the potent force of "Tallawah" - efficiency and impact - to elevate your brand. Our services in Distribution, Sales & Financing, Publishing & Licensing, Public Relations, Marketing, and Direct-To-Consumer strategies are designed to ensure that your content doesn't just compete but leads.

We focus on the power of our sharing capabilities to make your work resonate far and wide, exceeding the standards of top-tier competitors. With The Tallawah Group, your content is not only premium in quality but unmatched in its reach and impact.

Our Inspiration—What Does It Mean to Be 'Tallawah':

"Tallawah" captures the essence of being strong-willed, fearless, and resilient. It represents entities or individuals who, despite size or expectations, demonstrate a remarkable capacity for strength, adaptability, and unwavering determination. This term perfectly encapsulates our approach at The Tallawah Group.

The ‘Tallawah’ Effect—Here’s How Your Brand Will Resonate:

Impactful, Streamlined, Ubiquitous, Captivating, Innovative, Pioneering, Influential, Unparalleled, Groundbreaking, Pervasive, Empowering, Recognized, Visionary, Dominant, Trailblazing, Inspirational.

What we do, in a nutshell:

  • Distribution, Sales & Financing
  • Publishing & Licensing
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Direct-to-Consumer Engagement & Strategy

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Kroo Entertainment

How We Define It:

At Kroo Entertainment, we excel in the art and science of bringing people together. We help you craft spaces that foster deep connections within communities and audiences to make the most of the two most priceless resources: time & togetherness. Our services encompass luxury hospitality, intimate gatherings, executive experiences, live event production, brand activations, intellectual property development, and strategic partnerships for culture-building experiences. Kroo Entertainment stands as your premier partner in elevating events into impactful, memorable moments.

Our Inspiration—What is A 'Kroo':

In contemporary terms, a "Kroo," the phonetic for 'crew', represents more than just a group; it's a vibrant community bound by shared interests, passions, and the pursuit of meaningful experiences.

It's about your audience, supporters, and friends coming together to create a collective tapestry of memorable moments and strong bonds. Kroo signifies the essence of unity, creativity, and the power of gathering to forge lasting connections. It reflects a commitment to elevating every event into an experience that deeply resonates and leaves a lasting impact.

This approach integrates luxury hospitality, immersive events, brand activations, and strategic partnerships designed to celebrate the strength of community and the art of memorable gatherings.

The ‘Kroo’ Effect—What People Will Say About Your Gatherings:

Memorable, Unified, Thoughtful, Impactful, Seamless, Engaging, Influential, Unforgettable, Distinctive, Cohesive, Trailblazing.

What we do, in a nutshell:

  • Luxury Hospitality for Select Events
  • Boutique Hospitality for Local Events
  • Premier Executive Experiences
  • Live Event Production & Management
  • Dynamic Brand Activation Services
  • Signature Events & Experiential Creations
  • Experiential Culture Building
  • Comprehensive Rights Management for Events & Experiences

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Potentiality IP

How We Define It:

Potentiality IP harnesses the latent power of intellectual properties, offering comprehensive services to manage, protect, and optimize IP portfolios.

Our expertise spans intellectual property portfolio management, licensing strategy and planning, and licensing representation. We excel in license acquisition, contract negotiation, brand development, and marketing, ensuring every aspect of your IP journey—from vision to value creation—is meticulously curated and strategically executed.

At Potentiality IP, we believe in the power of foresight—"we see it before it happens, then we see it through."

Our Inspiration—The Meaning of 'Potentiality':

Potentiality refers to the inherent capacity or possibility for growth, development, or coming into existence. It embodies the untapped strengths and abilities that can lead to future success, innovation, or usefulness with the right conditions and actions.

Potentiality captures the idea that ideas, creations, and innovations hold latent value and opportunities that can transform into significant assets and drivers of progress when properly managed and developed.

The ‘Potentiality’ Effect—Here’s How You’ll Describe Your Brand:

Safeguarded, Leveraged, Maximized, Catalyzed, Monetized, Amplified, Strategic, Long-Tail, Foresight, Empowered.

What we do, in a nutshell:

  • IP Management and Consulting Services (Audits, Documentation, Monetization, Compliance)
  • IP Development and Collaborative Ventures (Licensing, Royalties, Long-Tail Development)
  • Data, Analytics, and Educational Services
  • Technology Solutions for IP Management

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